Tracking The Match

By tracking the Match results we have established a track record of success: 

  • Of the 41 scholarship attendees from FM Midwest 2012 who graduated in 2013, 39 matched into family medicine residency programs.
  • Of 61 FMM Midwest scholarship attendees in the 2014 Match, 42 are in family medicine residency programs.
  • Of 72 FM Midwest scholarship attendees in the 2015 Match 43 are in family medicine (60%) and 31 of them are in Midwest programs.
  • 50 out of 78 on scholarships who matched in 2016 and attended any of our four conferences chose family medicine. Thirty of them will train in FM Midwest region programs.
  • Of the 54 conference attendees in the 2017 Match, 31 matched into family medicine and 25 of them to Midwest programs.
  • Half of the 2018 graduates who attended any Family Medicine Midwest conference on a scholarship matched into family medicine (48 out of 96).  Of those 48 in family medicine, 33 matched into Midwest states. 
  • 43 out of 60 (72%) of FMM scholarship students matched into family medicine in 2019, with 26 in the Midwest!