A Sampling of Scholarship student testimonials after a Family Medicine Midwest Conference:

Feedback from 2022 conference attendees

This conference is an amazing opportunity for family medicine providers, students and faculty alike, to share knowledge and experience, to better support the future health of the upper Midwest. Susanna Basappa, M4, Mayo Clinic

As a third-year medical student who feels increasingly certain that family medicine is the specialty for me, the FMM conference was an invaluable opportunity to ground myself and get excited about joining a community of the (arguably) most patient-centered and community-focused advocates in the field!

Family Medicine Midwest reaffirmed why I want to pursue Family Medicine by sharing in its patient-centered, comprehensive mission.  Haley Bylina, Rush Medical College 2025

FMM is a highly valuable event for trainees of all levels from M1s to residents because of the variety of sessions offered, robust networking opportunities and exposure to current innovations in family medicine. Vincent Renta, M4 at MCW

The FMM conference is an exceptional way for medical students to take a deeper dive into family medicine and to make integral connections for a fruitful future.
Garrett Wagner (Medical Student, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus)

Family Medicine Midwest is truly what helped me decide on family medicine as my specialty of interest. The speeches I heard and the conversations I had at the annual conference, all focused on longitudinal care and promoting health equity, convinced me that I had finally found ‘my people’. -Tanushree Nair, DO  Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, '21 now a resident at University of Chicago - NorthShore Family Medicine Residency in Illinois. 

Family Medicine Midwest built my excitement to enter family medicine by allowing me to explore the wide scope of our practice through hands-on workshops and presentations on everything from IUD insertions to end of life care. At FMM, I connected with medical students, residents, and practicing family doctors who were so passionate about our field and still are mentors to me today in my family medicine career. 
Nicole Paprocki, DO - CCOM Class of 2020 - now a resident at Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency in Chicago 

Family Medicine is an invaluable experience where students, residents, physicians and faculty come together to share both their knowledge and their passion for their calling. 
- Mollie, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

 A great opportunity for students to enhance their education and network in a relaxed and inviting environment. 
- John Heafner, St. Louis University School of Medicine

It still amazes me the number of friends I have made along the way. I enjoyed seeing work that my peers have done to make a difference in the lives of their patients and communities. I am glad to be joining a field of medicine that really cares and supports its students and future colleagues.  
Kristin, University of Wisconsin