PS13 - Appropriate Antibiotic Use in the Treatment of Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection

Poster Presenter:
Richard Ginnetti, OSF Healthcare, Bloomington, IL
[email protected]

Justin Holschbach MD, OSF Healthcare, Bloomington IL































The goals of this project were to decrease the use fluoroquinolone antibiotics and increase the use of first line antibiotics in women with uncomplicated UTI.

An Antibiotic Stewardship Committee was created which included a multiregional and multidisciplinary provider team that helps guide this internal quality improvement project.  This team developed an Antibiotic Stewardship Explorer which enabled us to review provider’s pre- and post-intervention antibiotic choices. The intervention included a standardized educational presentation given to providers of the current recommendations regarding the treatment of UTI and review of local bacterial resistance patterns by use of antibiograms.

With over 6,000 patients with UTI or associated diagnosis during the project, the results show decrease use of fluoroquinolones, increase use in of first line antibiotics, and sustainability of these results for one year.

This project demonstrates the effectiveness of standardized provider education and individual provider data and feedback in a large healthcare system to improve antibiotic stewardship and treatment of uncomplicated UTI.

This project was an internal QI/provider education that grew over time.