PS12 - Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening During a Pandemic

Poster Presenter:
Justin Holschbach, OSF Healthcare, Bloomington, IL
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Improve the rate of colorectal cancer screening during the pandemic in an ambulatory primary care clinic

Patients were selected based upon EHR recognized deficiency in colorectal cancer screening.  They were contacted via mail, phone, or electronic patient communication through EHR.  Patients who were identified as not at increased risk of colorectal cancer screening were offered the option of performing a home based commercially available approved screening test.

Initial screening rate was 62% (1077/1746) of eligible patients, by the end of May 2020, 6 weeks later, 66% (1163/1760) of eligible patients were screened.  Year to day, the screening rate is 70% (1317/1886)

Contacting patients to perform in-home colorectal cancer screening can be an effective method to increase the rate of colorectal cancer screening in a suburban primary care practice during a pandemic.